The O word...

I was just getting my head out of the hyacinths when realization hit that I have several large projects looming. Being a competent, well-adjusted, mature adult, I proceeded to remind myself even I could eat an elephant a bite at a time. Then, the projects took on the energetic appearance of a rogue bull charging down on me at full speed and I envisioned my skewered future as a tusk decoration.

Still in pajamas, I curled up in the recliner in preparation to hyperventilate. I called Janet, a friend of mine. This amazing woman is a Conflict Specialist and certified in mediation. She’s also very good at strategic planning. As usual, she was able to cut through the extraneous material straight to the core of the matter.

After her dry comment about feeling my agitation (did I mention she’s also an intuitive?) several hundred miles away, she reminded me, “You have all the time in the world”. Yes, I really do. I have all the time and assets I need to live my mission, and to accomplish it in the perfect order for me. She told me to get a grip because I was stressing myself out without actually going anywhere - an exhausting state to be in, wasting the resource of the moments I have. Janet stated we can overwhelm in our mind and we can reverse it in the same space. We have a choice. The elephant stopped to munch leaves as we talked.

We’ve traded these phrases back and forth for years when one of us has faced a crisis – real or manufactured by our own psychosis. When I left orchestra rehearsal last night, the bass player stated he was much happier since he’s clued into the concept people are imperfect. What a relief to find I’m in good company and have wonderful people around to point out growth is always possible.

Back to Janet. She counseled me to purchase a calendar dedicated specifically to the project, a large one with plenty of room to write in each date square. (And yes, I still have the smaller one used to keep all the plates spinning.) After a stint at the office supply store, I chose a very plain one I could fold up and toss in my computer bag to take along. All of the flowers and beaches on the other ones will only be a sidetrack for the artist self. She said mark the due date and work backwards from there to chunk it down in to pieces easily handled, marking the interim deadlines in special colors. I’m big on colors and visuals. My dear friend reminded me to build in the time for research and cooling off before review.

I have to admit my ego is screaming to add I already knew all of this. Yes, and it helps to be reminded of our skills when we lose sight of them occasionally.

The pachyderm is now a cute little baby nudging my elbow to get on with it. I have a plan.  I feel confidence return and know I am truly in control of my experience. Opportunity for fun and relaxation is built into the progress. So, the sun is shining today. Spring breezes are pressing me to take a jaunt outside. I’ve put in my time, and with a clear conscience am on my way out the door. I’m organized.