What if it were this easy?

What if we could look up the hill when we’re slogging through the dark places of our nightmares to see a sign announcing hope only 16 miles away? Not only that, we’re offered rest and time out for a little fishing.

Hope is a commodity so dear to the human condition we’re willing to walk through the fire if we think hope is waiting with a cold drink and cool towels on the other side.  We all seek the relief of hope.  

What happens if we’ve trusted the sign, and we’re halfway down the trail with a burning thirst and blisters and wonder if we really saw a sign?

When the flare isn’t this clearly visible, where do we find hope?

Often, hope ignites when a complete stranger shares a moment of compassion through kindness and our optimism restores or hope may be a spiritual gift from a gracious Universe very personally invested in our aspirations.

Most frequently, hope resides as an eternal spark in our own murky interior. When we can’t find hope in the present we can access our memory of hopeful times and memory will stimulate a regeneration of incentive. Because of the way the mind works with memory, the same chemicals produced at the time of the initial hopeful episode recreate in the present and flood through our systems to bring the uplift we desperately need. This is one of the times there is merit in looking back.

We humans are in all, amazing creatures.