The Emergency Sketchbook...

I keep an emergency sketchbook in the car in case I get stuck someplace and have art withdrawals. It’s been some crazy places, has as much mileage as the odometer and recently accompanied me to a presentation by Johnny Shaw. Screenwriter and author,

Mr. Shaw shared the secret to success:

“Finish Stuff.”

Finishing something, anything … even the dishes or the last ten reps… is an important springboard to confidence. Too many of us are tempted to give up when we “hit the wall” and as a runner does, if we push through, we find satisfaction in completion and the impulse to continue toward our goals. 

One of the benefits of sketchbooks is the first quick emotional response to the subject that provides information for later studio “finishing.” Here’s a super fast sketch of a stained glass window in the Old Church. When I come to the window again, I’ll have this information to build on for a (possibly) more complete sketch.