Basic Math...

The concept of doing one thing to become proficient is a culturally masculine concept left over from the industrial age when good worker bees were the priority of education to make men fit for the work place. The concept still serves for many men and women. As a creative intuitive I struggled with this injunction for decades - always feeling a bit guilty for exploring what I enjoyed, rather as if I were sleeping around instead of proving faithful to a primary creative work. 

At this point, I’m unwilling to give up anything I love and if there’s a glitch I look to see what needs to be added instead of trying to subtract something. Perhaps healthy food or exercise included in the routine, for example. Recently, the challenge is get more sleep - bed at a certain time because the summer sun wakes me up earlier than usual so I feel tired and cranky. 

What do you need to add to find your meaning and satisfaction as a creative?