Music Education...

Thinking Out Loud...One of the scores on the November concert program for the JCO is in Russian, however, everyone speaks the same patois when it comes to music so performance of charts conceived in any language is possible. Music is a universal communicator. 

Recall the many ceasefires on Christmas day in 1914 when the Allies and Germans met in No Man's Land to sing carols and exchange holiday greetings in the middle of a vicious war. 

I wondered this morning if the universality of music and art, with the resulting power and positive energy, is one of the unacknowledged reasons music curriculums are being cut from so many schools? If we can't speak music, we become more manageable and ethnocentric. Since music uses all of the brain, if we are not challenged to think to our highest capacity, we more readily accept isolation. We have a potential to stop caring about our world family. I hope we find a way to incorporate music training into our lives. I used to think only children could learn a musical instrument, cultivate a voice or creative practice. It's never to late to begin.