Your Art Business License

Do you know the information you file with the Secretary of the State of Oregon Business License Registration is public? How many of you know an artist or other entrepreneur who has a box at the mail center down the street?  We do this thinking it will protect our privacy as much as possible in this era of open information. The common misconception is this serves as the business address to satisfy the State of Oregon licensing, however, the State considers any kind of post office box illegal even though there is a street address attached to the mail center. Hiring an Agent Representative only forwards legal notices and doesn't fulfill the physical location requirement on the state license application or renewal. You can list the place where your tax records are stored as the legal address for your business ~ if your CPA is willing to forward the junk mail resulting from sales sharks who surf the licenses. Bottom line? If you do business in the State of Oregon, take the time to inform yourself and choose options to avoid fines or worse. The people on the other end of the phone at the office of the Secretary of State are knowledgeable and polite so it's easy to call and have your individual questions answered if the web page doesn't cover your concerns. You can also check with the local Small Business Association or SCORE for information and assistance.