Antidote for crazy-making...


Some people still hope the person-in-charge will have a “come to Jesus moment” and evidence a softening of heart because sane people can’t begin to comprehend a narcissist’s agenda.

A narcissist doesn’t care how you feel. They are so divorced from their own feelings they have no frame of reference. They don’t feel their own pain so they don’t recognize another’s pain. 

Life is a movie to the narcissist, a film playing in their own head and woe to the person who violates the script. If someone does, the narcissist bides their time, for decades if necessary, to get even. A narcissist annihilates emotionally without compunction. 

A narcissist lives to dupe others with manipulation ~ Duping Delight ~ look it up.

A narcissist doesn’t believe they are lying or committing wrongdoing. If they are caught out to the point they can’t spin a dupe, the closest thing to an apology they will issue is, “That’s not what I intended.” Revisionist history is their specialty. 

You can’t reason with a narcissist. They feed on violence and mayhem and live to incite the people around them to chaos of emotion and behavior. Seeing other humans helpless, distressed or angry is recreation. 

So how do we cope? 

Instead of flailing in exhaustion and fear, experience quiet time to reclaim your internal power and self-respect. Practice self-care.

Don’t give energy away or feed the narcissist by engaging personally, in this case, with cartoons, tweets, rants. 

Instead of dedication to “fighting,” align to peace, use your strengths and choose reasoned methods to effect change. 

Make the decision to stand firm and stay the course. 


Disclaimer: A narcissist can change their behavior (I believe with new brain science miracles are possible) by voluntarily submitting for a lifetime of regular supervision and accounting with a savvy psychiatrist who gives no quarter. The road for anyone close to a recovering narcissist is way past rocky and exhausting as a narcissist learns a healthier way to relate.