Cork Rooftops

Segment of Cork Rooftops, 12” x 12”, Watercolor pencil on BFK

These drawings are part of an experiment.  I came home  from Europe with the idea of making a book based on images from the trip using media and supports I’ve not tried or don’t feel very confident employing. I cut 12” x 15” supports from all of the papers I had scraps or pieces of (from rice paper to canvas pads) and began with this watercolor pencil and marker sketch and the intention the drawings/paintings would resolve at about a foot square. The left over three inches of surface is reserved for notations and binding.


Sketch on BFK with colored pencils, 5” x 5”

Learning to use Adobe, a scanner and printer in addition to getting the work done. Hence, the cutout of the Lynx when I was attempting to remember my CS5 class and clean up the sketch done on a triangle of folded paper.

Day One - again.

Colored pencil on BFK, 6.5” x 7.5”, 2011Candied Apples with color…

After adding color this morning, I’m reminded of a statement issued by a gentleman who painted our house years ago: “It ain’t the Mona Lisa ya know.”

The black pencil seemed to contaminate the layered colors, especially in the sticks of the apples. I was getting impatient and ready to work bigger before the sketch was finished.

Candied Apples grisaille…

Black Polychromos pencil on BFK paper. I enjoy the way the support and medium interact. We’ll see how it goes adding color.

Removing the image one step from precious by posting the drawing allows me to immediately see where revisions are needed. Interesting.

I completed the grisaille “watching” a movie with my husband, who generously encourages my creative efforts.