Cracking the Code...

I’ve been totally surprised when men stop me in public to compliment the floral shoes, on downtown city streets or plein air painting in the great out of doors. Women, on the other hand, comment on the vibrant stripes. The polarity of opinion appears to serve as a metaphor for the distinct differences between men and women. Perhaps the shoes symbolize the way we view ourselves and our projections for the opposite sex. I may have discovered the next Rosetta stone, a cipher for communication between Mars and Venus. If I can crack the code the Nobel Peace Prize is next. So close. 

Objects in mirror...

I use the bathroom mirror as a huge whiteboard… because it’s big enough for the big ideas I have first thing in the morning and because I’ve been yelled at since I was three for writing on the walls. This statement is part of the current intention. 

The Hubs was driving me to an event and I was eating worms over a perceived lack of time, energy et al.

He:  (Attempting to remind me of the affirmation) “What do you read in your mirror?”

Me: (Rousing from the gloom to glance at the side mirror) “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

I was in Hyperdrive speeding toward Venus while he was waving frantically from Mars. 

After considering for a couple of days, I realized the mirror is indeed a teacher especially when we understand with our soul the intentions we set really are closer than they appear.