Encaustic 12”x12” 19 September 2011

Encaustic 12” x 12” 19 September 2011

Practice with additive and subtractive wax applications. Not exactly what I’d envisioned yet the painting comes close.  I wish I’d photographed the layers. The first few were lovely.

Sort of like a giraffe. Only shorter.

I guess you have to be there.

Encaustic Experiment

Encaustic, 8”x8”, 2011Douglas Colyer

After three aborted drawings made the trash bin today, I had a creative breakdown and went to  pick up some of the basics for encaustic.  If  any of the beeswax pros look too closely they’ll see a myriad of technical errors, however, I had a blast and after the frustrating studio day it was either this or chocolate.

The piece comes close to what I envisioned. Intuition said stop one layer earlier yet this version is still satisfying for a first timer. I enjoy the result of pushing the hot wax to create texture on the surface.