Crown Imperial Fritillaria, Fritillaria Imperialis.



This one may require additional resuscitation.

However, for now calling it good. Feel sort of like God on the seventh day… in need of a rest. Yellow is notoriously difficult to handle without creating mud. I set the exercise to try for blue shadows and sure enough tipped toward grays. Fell back to the warmer colors for reflection and shading.

If anyone knows the name of this flower will you please be kind enough to enlighten me? Took the photograph on Vancouver Island and folks this far south don’t seem to recognize her.

2012, Pastel, 36 x 24. When we know the name of the flower, the painting will claim a title.

1 July 2012 - Thank you, Cheri Lovre and Gretchen Carnaby, for sharing the name of the flower with me. I appreciate your kindness.