Taos Pueblo Chapel...

Still experimenting with watermedia and gouache in particular. Painting from photographs when I’m stuck inside is a good exercise. I can slow down and concentrate on the capabilites of the medium. 

Kumari Devi

Thought it may be time to post some of the work I’ve been doing in the past months.  A departure from the usual in some cases, all of it fun to do.

2012, gouache on watercolor paper, 9.25 x 9.25, private collection

Kumari Devi means virgin goddess. She certainly was a pleasure to paint and get to know.


Dover Castle

Dover Castle, 12’ x 12”, Gouache on Fabriano Uno

Part of the Europe book, the second in the step off the cliff of comfort series. Gouache is a media I’ve never used and I’m in the first blush of love. The disappointment was finding out it’s been so long since I’ve used watermedia that Uno paper isn’t manufactured anymore and I have to find another support.