Stacks, oil, 40 x 18

Stacks, oil, 40 x 18

At school,  a professor challenged us to make a painting a day if we wanted to learn how to paint,  not a wimpy 8 x 10",  a substantial work. I wanted to finish this in a single sitting, however, the format is a bit large to tackle in one day.  Took about six hours over two days to complete this first in a new series of oil paintings, Working The River. 

The goal for the series is to lose the muscle memory of painting in oil since I was 15 and become as free with color as I feel with more recent pastel experiences. I've been tied to a traditional palette in oil and wondering why the pastels are so much brighter when I hardly pick up a brown in pastel. The goal for this series is to abandon all browns, ochres, earth siennas and umbers to create strong browns or lovely grays from clear reds, blues and  yellows.



Corvidae Oil on primed archival paper, 18 x 24”, 2010Today was intended to be an exploration of the much maligned black, however, I’m so conditioned by the traditional sanction of black I don’t even own a black oil paint. So, went to Payne’s Gray, technically a blue.

Heart of the Rose

Heart of the Rose Oil on primed archival paper, 24 x 18”, 2010
I haven’t touched oil paints and a brush for ten years and I didn’t remember how sensual oils were. This piece turned out a bit more O’Keefeish than intended. The work is a start - or more a reacquainting. I’m not sure I like painting on paper - the response is definitely not the same as a brush on canvas - however, the votes aren’t in yet and there’s certainly time to explore the possibilities.