Roxanne Colyer

                           Working the River - An Exploration

E.T. and Me

Living Their Memories

My art career began with a gallery at age 15 and I’ve enjoyed juried and solo shows, with a retrospective and awards. The inquiry of art making is a perpetual process of self-examination and exploration rather than arrival at the destination of an answer. Whatever medium I choose to express a feeling or idea, the consistent thread through the work is a love of color, line, and a leaning toward impressionism. I use a limited, clear-color palette for each painting, utilizing a palette knife to supplement brushes and incorporate intentional mark-making and drawing. The dedication to portraying the vigor of the subject remains consistent while varying the mediums provides an opportunity to inform each image in terms of technique, execution and subject.

"E.T. and Me" holds landscape space for the occasional homesick side trip to locations and experiences bred into my wild Alaska bones.  I believe vibrant art comes through fearless exploration, the images bubbling up from the depths of living creative water pouring through all of us from a generous Universal river.

The series, "Working the River," gives a nod to the the American movement of Precisionism with abstract foreground, background exchange. I became intrigued with the old mill buildings in Oregon City, especially when I understood some of them are slated for demolition. Later, the series expanded to include other areas and structures.

I love the excitement of life on a moving body of water so the river is a generous repository for concept and subject. The significance has expanded to include the “river of life” and “ocean as repository for the river." As the Precisionists, I want these paintings to convey I’m passionate about noticing and recording a disappearing world. "Working the River" respectfully bows to ancestors who worked the river, the river’s bounteous provision growing up and to artists as adventurers.

"Living Their Memories" is a portion of a planned larger installation. I’m fascinated with the past as more influential than we are aware to the present choices we make as individuals or groups. Science has substantiated many of my own conclusions regarding energy, DNA, history and the heretofore unrecognized influence of progenitors and their decisions on subsequent generations. People resonated to this show of two dimensional work, if tears and an excitement to share their own stories is a measure. A three-dimensional installation will hopefully enhance the experience, impact and healing. 

Roxanne Colyer


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Working The River Clackamas Federal Credit Union Gallery, Milwaukie, Oregon

2017    Working The River In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2016    Living Their Memories In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2014    Living Their Memories  Aurora Gallery, Vancouver, Washington

2014    Borderland: Conscious and Unconscious Landscape  CCAA, Oregon City, Oregon

2014    Pastel Landscapes and Florals  Clackamas Credit Union Gallery, Milwaukie, Oregon               

2009   Pastel Portraits and Florals  Art Media, Portland, Oregon

2001    Faces, Places, and Things Along the Way  Crawford Gallery, Spokane, Washington


Duo Exhibition

2015   Pastel Landscapes   In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2014   Archetype: Sculpture and Paintings  In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Milwaukie, Oregon


Group Exhibitions

2016   Maps and Place In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2016   Art Moves  In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2015   First City Paintings  In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2015   Living Their Memories In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2015   Children of Picasso  In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2015   We Don’t Walk Alone  In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Oregon City, Oregon

2014    Pollen Count In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Milwaukie, Oregon

2013    It’s All About Me… It’s All About We   In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art, Milwaukie, Oregon.

2012    Summer Breeze Grapevine Gallery, Oregon City, Oregon

2002   Colville Arts Foundation Regional Art Gallery, Colville, Washington

2001    Riverbend Art Gallery, Post Falls, Idaho


Juried Shows

1996   Kenai Fine Art Center, Kenai, Alaska  People’s Choice Award

1994   Refuse Renaissance: The Art of the Found Object  Best of Show, First

1994   28th Annual Kenai Fine Art Guild Show  Juror Gary Lyon

1993   Kenai Fine Art Center

1993   Freeburg Gallery, Soldotna, Alaska

1992   Sacred Art Show, Anchorage, Alaska  Honorable Mention

Portrait and Architectural Commissions


2018 North Clackamas Art Guild with Juror’s Talk

2017    North Clackamas Art Guild


Workshops  Saturday Art Adventure Children’s Workshop Program, Kenai Fine Art Center



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