Making art is as necessary for me as breathing. I need a consistent creative practice to manifest into reality the perpetual images in my mind. People often ask how I generate artistic concepts. All I have to do is get out of my own way. When critics suggest ‘focus on one thing,  I consider Picasso and continue exploring different mediums and subject matter. 

The consistent thread through the work is a love of line, color and a focus on how humans learn responses from progenitors.  I have a passion to document the world as we know it now and enjoy exploring mediums with that intent.

The metal compositions fuse my pictures of contemporary landscape and structure with my father’s, grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s photographic portraits. This direction gives form to my interest in the impact of lineage on an individual’s present day choices. Working with my ancestor’s creative effort feels virtually collaborative and the images relate or reframe a family allegory.

The experimental efforts press my comfort zone. When I need a space to feel relaxed and comfortable with art, I make traditional paintings and drawings to expand my knowledge of familiar subjects or techniques and make Mom proud of me. 

My art education includes formal BFA process, workshops and apprenticeship. I’ve garnered prizes in juried shows and been hosted for solo shows. My favorite award is a People’s Choice. Making art because I love the process is enough.  When other people appreciate my art-making, I feel great satisfaction.